Anita Chumber

Owner of It is PR & Partner and Co-editor of The Asian Today

Anita joined The Asian Today newspaper in 2003 after a 7-year spell at Trinity Mirror. Although she originally took the position of Sales Manager she has been able to evolve her role into becoming a partner and co-editor.

Over the last few years Anita has built extensive network as she has been very proactive in supporting businesses via the newspaper this has led her to realise that more needs to be done to celebrate these hard working businesses so with her business partner she has created award ceremonies ‘Birmingham Awards’ and ‘Midlands Food Drink & Hospitality Awards’ formerly known as the Birmingham Food Drink & Hospitality Awards that celebrate organisations and individual from various sectors allowing for horizontal and vertical networking at these award ceremonies.

With the ongoing support from her network and the clients that she has built Anita has set up a PR company ‘It Is PR’ helping businesses deliver ideas, social and creative marketing services.

Bobby Singh

Founder & CEO of Love Your Postcode

Bobby Singh is a successful entrepreneur, property expert and has served in senior management capacity at PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG. He has experience in national & international businesses handling Consulting, Finance & Research; apart from carrying out critical leadership functions. He is a prominent speaker on public forums and in media. His multi-award-winning Group has recently partnered with Grand Designs Live and Birmingham Film Festival. Bobby helps inspire and instil confidence in people to persevere with their ambitions to become successful leaders, with a commitment to giving back, community cohesion and equality. He has a passion for reading, horse riding, analytics, art, photography & sports. At Love Your Postcode, Bobby Singh heads brand & PR.

Shin Parwana

Founding Member of DCS

Shin DCS has been actively involved in the wedding services industry for over 30 years now and has seen things change so much over that period.
From performing at wedding in school halls, with his band DCS in the early days of his career, Shin has travelled all over the world performing at weddings in some of the most glamorous locations imaginable. “It is such an exciting industry to be in right now and anything is possible, people are only limited by their imaginations. If you can dream it, someone somewhere can deliver it. So, dream away people”

Arman Milind

Hair and Makeup Artist and Two Time MAWA Winner

Any make-up artist can possess the talent, but what defines a true artist is that fiery spark of creativity. With a refreshing approach to beauty, Arman Milind represents a new breed of make-up artist who blends experience with inspiring palettes to create fabulous fashion and bridal looks for his clients. Arman’s work has graced the pages of many publications, having worked with celebrities, models and brides.
Arman is a regular feature at catwalk and music shows, with former clients including Christina Aguilera and Kanye West, as well being a regular at London Fashion Week.
His insight into this incredibly diverse and ever-growing market and with two wins under his belt. He is perfect addition to the judging panel.

Perm Saini

Co-Founder of Claremont Property Group

Perm Saini is the co-founder of Claremont Property Group, a privately-owned property Investment and Development Company. Founded in 1999, by brother and sister team Manjit Deol & Perm Saini, the family business has an extensive property Portfolio which continues to grow year on year.
Born and bred in the Midlands, Perm is not only a hugely successful business woman, and through her upbringing in a Sikh household Perm has a strong understanding of the Asian culture and traditions.
Perm’s acute business acumen and cultural insight will prove invaluable to the MAWA judging panel.

David Burner

Co-Owner and Director of Caters Media Group

With over 30 years in the media industry, David is the co-owner and director of Caters Media Group – a Global media agency formed in Birmingham 90 years ago but now one of most respected and prolific media content operations in the world.
Caters source and distribute exclusive news and feature stories, images and videos to a multitude of worldwide media markets including newspapers, magazines, digital media and TV broadcasters.
Under David and his business partner, Caters has grown rapidly in recent years with several offices worldwide as far afield as New Delhi, Sydney and New York.
With South Asia’s growing importance as a global business market, David is currently overseeing the creation, production and syndication of media content to and from this talent rich region as well as seeking out new exciting business opportunities and partnerships.
As the media world dictates, a company such as Caters is only as good as their last story, video or image. Recognising, celebrating and working with creative people and organisations has become a key factor in Caters success.

Rai Singh

Owner of Praza Restaurant and Creative Director of Pushkar’s

Rai has been an integral part of the midland’s restaurant scene for just over a decade helping to bring the standards up to near perfection. Owning the highly acclaimed Praza and Working as the Creative Director for the award winning Pushkar’s, Rai has a keen eye for what works well in the world of catering and business. Involving himself in as many different aspects of the culinary world as possible, he truly is one of the leading voices in Asian Cuisine in the West Midlands.


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